MumPanel Mothers Day Research Findings

It’s Mothers Day on Sunday (just in case you’ve forgotten!) and we asked our mums what that meant to them. Over 90% said they celebrated it in their household and when asked what it meant to them the overwhelming response was spending time with their family and about appreciation – of their own mum, their … Continued

Mums and lunchboxes – September 2013

We’re two weeks into the new school term and lots of mums are thinking about lunches. Specifically what to put in their child’s lunchbox that keeps them happy and ensures they have a full tummy but meets school deadlines and doesn’t break the bank! As you can tell from that list lunchboxes have become a … Continued

Does sex sell potatoes to mums?

That’s the question we answered in a recent survey for Fresh Produce Journal. Samantha Lyster, deputy editor, approached us asking whether we’d help her understand what influences mums’ decision making process when it comes to buying fresh fruit and vegetables. She particularly wanted to understand how much influence advertising campaigns had on mums and in … Continued