Family Dynamics & Trends 2019 Future Families Report


Our Future of Families report reveals where families are really at – their wants, needs and concerns now and for the future. Looking at it from the perspectives of parents, children and grandparents.

We take a deep delve looking at the changing dynamics of the family, what’s new for them, what’s different and what really matters for their day to day and their futures. We identify ‘crests of a waves’ that we recommend need to be ridden by brands, emerging underground trends that need to be watched closely and key influences on family decision-making that need to be understood.

Shifting Family Dynamics – what is changing

  • Family decision-making is becoming more inter-twinned and reaching out further.
  • The family is not a singular entity – it is important to recognise that the nuclear family is no longer the norm, decision-making is now wider.
  • Post demographic consumerism is very much at play within the family – we need to shift away from stereotypes to really connect and relate. Typical has shifted to atypical.
  • Less of a stark void between generations and gender – children, parents and grandparents are sharing more regardless of age or gender.

Family Trends

We have also spotted a number of emerging trends that we believe will further develop over the coming months and years.

1. Separate Togetherness

This oxymoron sums up lots of families today, how they feel and what is happening in reality. Busy lives, separate tech and lots of activities mean 40% of parents don’t feel like they are spending enough time with their families. Yet many families are doing more together and the generations are sharing more than ever.

2. Major Minors

Kids are influencing their parents at levels never before seen – knowledge and sensibility is going upwards.

3. Nextivity

The appetite for the new. Trying ‘new things’ – from ping pong to vegan burgers.

4. Re-usability

From second hand/pre-loved, to borrowed, to passed on. A large percentage of consumers are starting to question our ‘throw away’ society and not just for environmental reasons, monetary decisions are at the heart too. This is starting to impact behaviour in the kitchen, with clothing and bigger items.

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