Customer Centric Research

We believe that for you to really get true insight and inspiring innovations you need to put your consumers firmly at the centre of the process and step into their world.

We believe in going beyond the data. Whilst numbers are great (we use them too), we believe it is vital to look below the meniscus, to see a different perspective and to understand the why's and why not's.

By going further and deeper, asking, observing and shadowing we can spot what's really going on and what that means.

We then make sense of these insights, providing actionable recommendations and strategies.


Our Insight Methodologies

  • New product development

    Our NPD process always has the consumer at the centre. From needs to build on, to their ideas to create to ensuring it’s tested by the people that count.

  • In-home testing

    Test your products within the real home environment of your target audience. Whether that’s taste testing a new product or reviewing a current.

  • Bringing your customers to life

    Go beyond customer personas and really understanding your everyday consumers from the inside-out. Enabling your brand to resonate and connect to them within their worlds.

  • Co-Creation

    Working with core consumers to develop ideas, designs and solutions that will truly add value to your service or product.

  • AI-Powered Interviews

    Our new AI WhatsApp interviews capture an interactive deep conversation in-situ - providing valuable real time insights -bringing the consumer's voice and stream on consciousness to the fore.

  • Active Ethnography

    We conduct ethnographic insight using a variety of tools and techniques, observing what people actually do and not just what they say they do, then make sense of their behaviour.

  • Sense Checking

    Sometimes you just need to sense and check ideas or thoughts quickly independently – we can do that via our panel or our experts.

  • Surveys

    We conduct online quantifiable main shopper surveys via our UK organic panel, whether it’s gathering insights, testing concepts or evaluating your brand.