Christmas Parent and Children Research Insights

Our family research reveals that this Christmas, It’s time to be savvy!

From our family research, we know that a 1/3 of families this year will be spending less on Christmas. Belts are tightening and this means that families are focussing down and being savvy but impactful where they can.

As one parent said: ‘By doing a bit of leg work and sourcing things early, bargains can be had. Also as for wrapping and decorations – reuse, recycle and make!!’

Christmas family marketing insights

Families are stocking up on Christmas groceries early

As the parent above shows, more families this year are stocking up on Christmas groceries early, doing less of the big Christmas shop and more of the savvy bargain storing. Mind you, many have admitted they might go through 2 Roses boxes before the festive season is in full swing!

Second-hand gift giving

40% of parents will be buying second-hand gifts this year and over a 1/3 re-giftng – whether it’s wrapped up as vintage, pre-loved or sustainable, it also saves money and for families this Christmas, that is key.

Toy catalogue wish list

The catalogue has not lost its allure, we ask it every year and it’s stayed the same at 60% of families with children aged 3-11 will give their children a toy catalogue to look through this year to help with choosing Christmas gifts.

The ‘Greta Effect’

Just like what plastic and veganism was a few years back we are really seeing the bubbling of a movement where children (8-14) are actively being more socially and environmentally aware. This year children are increasingly active in asking for ‘trees’ this Christmas and more charity-focused and environmental giving gifts.

Key Insights For Christmas 2019

  • A third of parents will be spending less this Christmas
  • 40% of parents will be buying second-hand gifts
  • A third of parents will be regifting this Christmas
  • Families are generally stocking up on Christmas groceries early
  • 60% of families give their children Catalogues to look through to help with gift selection
  • Older children are becoming more environmentally aware in the gifts that they ask for

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