Think Like A Customer

Humanise is run by a team of dedicated grassroots insight and innovation experts

The founders of Humanise are Lynne Barcoe and Paul Coleman, they have been working in the insight and innovation space for over 25 years. Working across the sectors including FMCG, Media, Beauty, Charity, Baby, Finance and Pharma.

They bring their insight and innovation expertise to each and every project, and thrive on getting to know and understand clients needs and consumers, digging deeper and going beyond the obvious.

At Humanise we have our own dedicated independent consumer panel 'The Family Panel', our Kryptonite, our bespoke community of UK main shoppers, ensuing we stay close to how customers are thinking and behaving right now.

Humanise approach each project with consumers at the heart, helping to fully understand challenges faced, generating solutions and ensuring brands keep one step ahead.

Grassroots Insights

We work from the inside out to get the real truths and behaviours of everyday people.

Bringing reality to life by stepping inside their world, rather than asking them to step into ours.

Our guiding principles:
• We believe in knowing what people actually do, not just what they tell you they do.
• It’s important to listen to the silence as well as the noise.
• We are passionate at giving every person a voice, not just the ones that shout the loudest, they all need to be heard.
• We leave bias and stereotypes at the door.

Ensuring we bring everyday people & families to life.