Family Panel Insights For Bear Urban Fresh Foods Ltd

BEAR branding and insights

We’ve just completed a great project with the team @BEAR, providing some very useful family insights and recommendations from the perspective of both parents and kids that are making a difference.

As part of the project, we carried out a parent survey with The Family Panel base and in-home testing with kids to provide the important family dynamic view.

We loved working with the team at BEAR and they loved working with us:

“We worked with The Family Panel to test and gain insight into our BEAR Yoyo card campaigns. We gained valuable insights from families on what they loved and what we should look to improve. The Family Panel not only provided us with the results but also with key recommendations that we could put into action. We will be implementing the results from this project to make BEAR Yoyos an even more fun snack for cubs! They had such enthusiasm and excitement about the project and were a pleasure to work with.”

Catherine Bass, Urban Fresh Foods Ltd