Get Approved by Families and Parents

Gain the seal of approval from families

Approved by Families Mark

The Approved by Families Mark is gained by getting your target families to try, test and approve your products or services.

The mark can be used on pack. In PR or in communications to show that families trust and recommend you. Plus, it provides you with valuable independent insight. Revealing what your customer thinks about your product and why.

Brioche Pasquier PITCH have just received The Approved by Families Mark for the 2nd year running with 98% of families recommending PITCH:

‘Having the Approved by Families Mark is something we have gained for the last two years. It not only shows other families that our PITCH products have the seal of approval from other families via robust research but it is actually recommended and loved. It also gives us reassurance that we are on mark with families.’

So if you’d like more details on our Approved by Families Mark  please just email