Does sex sell potatoes to mums?

That’s the question we answered in a recent survey for Fresh Produce Journal. Samantha Lyster, deputy editor, approached us asking whether we’d help her understand what influences mums’ decision making process when it comes to buying fresh fruit and vegetables. She particularly wanted to understand how much influence advertising campaigns had on mums and in particular if images of a bikini –clad model covered in potatoes would encourage mums to buy. 

Unsurprisingly our research confirmed that mums think this kind of advertising is at best slightly daft and at worst downright sexist and offputting. We found taste was the biggest influence on buying decisions (46%) with appearance at 29% and cost at 19%. Presentation limped in with 0.02% and advertising had almost no impact on the mums we asked.
Our message is always to ask mums what THEY want, not to try and presume to understand what appeals to them. 

You can read the full article here. 

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