Incentivising the seasonal kids clothes & shoe shop!

Firstly I need to blog more. Apologies. Running my own business and bringing up a family makes me very time poor…. (in the words of marketeers).

Anyway, in relation to being time poor (alike so many mums) we are seeing an expressed need for retailers to be in tune with our parents needs and thought patterns. And I was pleased to see this happening more when I was in the shops at the weekend, in particular at Marks & Spencer!
For the last 4 years I have expressed the need for retailers to recognise that many parents go out shopping in bulk for their childrens clothes and shoes at the beginning of the two main seasons – Spring and Autumn. Children grow rapidly and as the weather changes most of last years clothes do not fit (and/or their child wants the new range!) So once March approaches it is time to buy new T-shirts, skirts/shorts, cardigans, jackets… the list could go on! So one question I have always asked is why do retailers not incentivise this ‘bulk buy’ more at these times?! i.e. Buy 5 items for 4. So it was good to see Marks & Spencer is doing exactly this early in the season with ‘£5 off when you buy £30 on Kidswear’. I walked out of the shop with £30 worth of kids wear for £25 (plus some books, socks, T-shirts etc for myself)!
So I am hoping to see more of these parent centric offers in the shops in the next couple of months.

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