5 Top Tips For Marketing To Mums

With Mothers’ Day on the horizon we thought we’d put together our top five tips for marketing to mums. The biggest issue we encounter when companies market to mums is that they don’t really seem to understand where mums are right now- what is going on in their lives, what plays on their minds when … Continued

Lunchbox battles – does mum always win?

Last week Lynne presented at the Market Research Society Kids & Youth conference on food propositions for the children’s market.  We wanted to talk about what kids want in their lunchboxes versus what parents want to see them eating and what influences parents’ decision making.  We asked our MumPanel for their views by survey and … Continued

You only know what you know

If you want to target mums, you need to understand what they want. To understand what they want you need to ask questions. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But getting to the RIGHT questions can be a trickier process.  If you don’t ask the right questions then you never get the answers you need to truly … Continued

MumPanel – One Minute Insight

At MumPanel we’re constantly asking our mums for their views and ideas. There’s some fascinating insight that comes out of our research and conversations and we want to share it with you in a one minute snippet. Mums Favourite Brands We asked mums to name their favourite brands. The response was enlightening – there were … Continued

Is in house research enough?

We approach companies to talk to them about research, innovation and product development. One regular reply we hear is ‘we do all our research and development work in house’. It’s a reasonable response, after all who knows your products, processes and customers better than your company? You probably think in house R&D is easier to … Continued