MumPanel – One Minute Insight

At MumPanel we’re constantly asking our mums for their views and ideas. There’s some fascinating insight that comes out of our research and conversations and we want to share it with you in a one minute snippet.

Mums Favourite Brands

 We asked mums to name their favourite brands. The response was enlightening – there were two supermarkets (Tesco and Asda) in the Top 5. They were joined by three ‘heritage’ brands – Johnsons, Heinz and Fairy. Just over 5% of mums specifically mentioned ‘own brands’ as their favourites.

What does this mean?

Mums connect with those brands they see day in and day out. If you want your brand to appeal to mums, you have to be where they are and what they want – that’s why we’re seeing good value ‘own brands’ being recognised in their own right.

*Insight snippet – MumPanel survey 2012, over 800 respondents, mums with children 0-16 years

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