Speak Out – when word of mouth creates the next big thing

This time last year there was one game on everyone’s lips – Pie Face. It was the Christmas sales smash of last year, with retailers struggling to keep up with demand. But the story of its success started several months earlier, and it was all down to word of mouth. In April 2015 a video … Continued

Smiggle – the word is spreading

“Have you been? Your two would love it” We know there’s nothing more powerful than parent to parent recommendation, the power of conversation between two people who trust each other (92% trust friends and family recommendation over any other form of advertising). And when that power is combined with a fresh approach to the high … Continued

Tips To Help Mums To Connect With Brands In 2015

Over the last few years we’ve talked a lot about how brands view mums. They’re often keen to try and stick them into neat little boxes, with the aim of better understanding this profitable market. But what we’ve discovered time and time again is that the opposite is true – if you try and squeeze … Continued

5 Top Tips For Marketing To Mums

With Mothers’ Day on the horizon we thought we’d put together our top five tips for marketing to mums. The biggest issue we encounter when companies market to mums is that they don’t really seem to understand where mums are right now- what is going on in their lives, what plays on their minds when … Continued

Using Tech To Talk To Mums

In our last blog I talked about how brands need to make sure they don’t forget where mums are spending their time everyday. So we know that word of mouth when out and about and social media play their parts, but what does the role of other technology play in all of this? There’s no … Continued