Mum insight round up

So what’s been happening in the world of mums and marketing in the last week?

Today we’ve been hearing about the problems mums are having when they want to return to work because of the crippling cost of childcare in the UK. Although there are some regional variations, the average cost of a full time nursery place is around £11-15,000 a year. This has a significant impact on a mum’s decision to return to work, especially if she works in a low paid profession where her childcare costs could outweigh what she earns. Wondering what that has to do with marketing? Whether a mum works, or doesn’t, affects household income and buying decisions.

We also got an insight into the future a baby born in 2012 might face. Apart from the startling fact that they’ll probably need between £60,000 to £123,000 to get through university (financial services companies marketing to parents take note!) it reveals some insights that may help with product development – for example we’re moving towards a cashless society.

And Facebook made a bit of a boob when it removed photos of mothers breastfeeding.

Finally if you haven’t had a chance to catch Pregnant in Heels on Bio channel then we can highly recommend it. It’s all about New York maternity designer and concierge, Rosie Pope and her very demanding and very pregnant clients. As hilarious as it is to watch their insane demands (9 months pregnant – plan me a wedding! No godparent – I want Lord Wedgwood to be the godfather!) it does show you what a very busy mum has to juggle.

We’d love to hear any interesting mum related info you’ve found this week.

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