Tips To Help Mums To Connect With Brands In 2015

Over the last few years we’ve talked a lot about how brands view mums. They’re often keen to try and stick them into neat little boxes, with the aim of better understanding this profitable market. But what we’ve discovered time and time again is that the opposite is true – if you try and squeeze … Continued

The winning idea – Cultured Kids Travel Kit

As part of The Big Mum Opinion we asked mums (and dads and grandparents) to come with an idea for a product or service that would make parents’ lives easier. Our panel of judges, including Soreen Managing Director Paul Tripp; inventor and founder of Brother Max, Jonathan Gold; top blogger Nickie O’Hara; and entrepreneur and … Continued

The Big Mum Opinion sneak peek – the changing shape of shopping

After weeks of gathering information we’ve now closed The Big Mum Opinion. 3000 mums gave us their opinions on shopping, spending, social media use and how brands can best communicate with them. We also did in-depth research with hundreds of mums in their own communities to give us a balanced view of the world of … Continued

First-ever major UK mum study goes back to the school gates

This week has been a very exciting one for MumPanel as we launch The Big Mum Opinion. You can find out more about the study in the press release below. Specialist family insight and marketing consultancy MumPanel, has launched the first in-depth study of UK mums and their views on the products and services that … Continued

5 Top Tips For Marketing To Mums

With Mothers’ Day on the horizon we thought we’d put together our top five tips for marketing to mums. The biggest issue we encounter when companies market to mums is that they don’t really seem to understand where mums are right now- what is going on in their lives, what plays on their minds when … Continued

Using Tech To Talk To Mums

In our last blog I talked about how brands need to make sure they don’t forget where mums are spending their time everyday. So we know that word of mouth when out and about and social media play their parts, but what does the role of other technology play in all of this? There’s no … Continued

Living socially – the next step in connecting with mums

A few months ago a conversation started in the MumPanel office about brands focussing a little too much on social media and in the process forgetting about where they could connect with mums every day.    I’m an early adopter of technology.  Most of my friends aren’t. Most of my friends are mums. If you … Continued

Mum Insights for 2013

Mums in 2013 As we’re in the last few weeks of 2012 we know many of you will already be thinking about marketing and research projects for 2013. We thought we’d round up what we’ve learnt about mums in 2012 and let you know what we think brands should be thinking about when it comes … Continued

Lunchbox battles – does mum always win?

Last week Lynne presented at the Market Research Society Kids & Youth conference on food propositions for the children’s market.  We wanted to talk about what kids want in their lunchboxes versus what parents want to see them eating and what influences parents’ decision making.  We asked our MumPanel for their views by survey and … Continued

Food labelling and checkout sweeties – our mums have their say

The Government has announced it is going to introduce a voluntary traffic light labelling system for foods in supermarkets to help people make healthier food choices.  An Asda representative was interviewed on Radio 4 about the scheme and was taken to task over their ‘guilty’ checkouts (filled with sweet and treats). We wanted to know … Continued