There Is More To Being A Mum – Latest MumPanel Research

We keep hearing it, experiencing and saying it – but it’s something that’s worth repeating. There’s more to being a mum than being a mum. Behind that title of ‘mum’ is an individual, a person who has her own set of wants and needs. She has to balance that with the needs of her family … Continued

Parent Power – Are you listening to what we are saying?

Last week Lynne spoke as part of the Parent Power Panel at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield. The Children’s Media Conference brings together people who develop, produce and distribute content to kids – across all platforms.  What we wanted to talk about was using parents at the right stage of the development process when … Continued

Mum insight round up

So what’s been happening in the world of mums and marketing in the last week? Today we’ve been hearing about the problems mums are having when they want to return to work because of the crippling cost of childcare in the UK. Although there are some regional variations, the average cost of a full time … Continued