How do you become a favourite brand with mums?

In the Big Mum Opinion, our indepth study of over 3000 mums in the UK, we discovered the key fundamentals of service, quality, price and customer service are as important as ever. It’s vital to mums that a product or service really works and brings them so benefit – and as a brand you have to ensure that this message doesn’t get lost in smart communications or clever positioning.

Here are our top 4 tips to becoming a favourite brand for mums:
1. Be honest about who you are and what you offer, deliver on your message right from product through to communications.

2. Mums relate brands to their own personal experiences, for example ‘my son loves…’ You can strengthen your market position by finding ways to tap into the family experience and what mums want.

3. Listen to the mum grapevine. Mums like to be included and want to see that their views are used to improve products and services for their families.

4. Mums don’t want brands to be ‘their best friend’ or be in their personal space. However, ‘being there’ as a resource or providing impartial, helpful or expert advice is welcome.

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