Tangle Teezer – mum insight

There are certain products as a mum I couldn’t live without. And we hear the same thing from our inner circle of mums. They tend to be different things for different mums but sometimes you stumble across a product which you just want to shout about.

Imagine the scene. It’s 8.25 and school run time fast approaches. You have a screaming toddler covered in weetabix hanging from one leg and a very grumpy 5 year old refusing to have her hair brushed. Said hair is sticking up in 47 directions. As soon as you approach with a brush lovely sedate child runs screaming from the room. You give chase and manage to get the brush on those messy locks. Then you spend the next 10 minutes dealing with a sobbing, annoyed child as you try and comb their hair into some kind of order. They will wiggle and moan it hurts. Erm and now you are late for school. Familiar anyone?

This was is what happened in my house every morning until a piece of plastic literally changed my life.

On the hunt for something to calm Mia’s wild locks I spotted a Tangle Teezer. I vaguely remembered the product from Dragon’s Den but had no idea whether they would work on children’s hair. The Tangle Teezer is a brush designed to sit in the palm of your hand. It has soft plastic bristles which flex enough to smooth the hair but don’t get caught up in it. It’s perfect for combing children’s hair and was the end of hair-related screaming fits in our house.

Tangle Teezer video

Did you know about the Tangle Teezer? Do you love it too?

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