iPad, more than just games?

After much deliberation we decided to buy an iPad. Instead of letting the children use our work laptops (and risk my cries as they delete years of work files) we decided on an iPad, complete with covers (back and front) and insurance!

I was keen to give Mia (5) access to technology but I wasn’t keen on her just using the tech as an excuse to play games.

I set about trying to find educational games that would still be fun and would support the work she was doing in school. So far these are our top tips…

1. We’re a bit of science loving household so Google Earth, Science VL (scientific terminology) and Sky ORB (looking at constellations and planets) are all a hit.
2. Mia loves pocketphonics (and it’s in UK English) and Squeebles (for fun maths games).
3. For creativity we all love Finger Sketch, easy to use for even the youngest child.
4. And not forgetting books, the Peter Rabbit app is lovely, it has both books and games and gives your child the option to either read or be read to (great for younger children).

Next on our list to download is ‘Spelling test’ and we’ll report back on that. You can find more ipad app reviews for children on Geek Mummy’s blog.

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