Mums trust mums for product recommendations

We know mums trust other mums. When we carried out some research recently we found 75% of mums trust their friends and family views the most when it comes to product recommendations. And 67% of MumPanel mums ask their own mums for advice on buying products. We know the rise of facebook and twitter means more and more people will be going to social media and the internet to ask opinions but we shouldn’t forget where mums are really getting their information from.

The big supermarket chains know this and have all recently run campaigns that got mums chatting at the school gate – from Morrisons Disney campaign and Let’s Grow vouchers to Tesco Mum of the Year and Asda Election Mums. It’s vital that companies remember that although some mums are online, gathering information and chatting for many mums their main interaction will be at a school gate, PTA meeting or coffee shop with friends.

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