Magical Morrisons!

My trip to the supermarket is not normally one I relish (still don’t). My 4 year old daughter is often in tow and she normally lightens the dreary load by singing at the top of her voice or skipping down the aisles. Anyway, Morrisons is our normal grocery stop and today Katie was very pleased that she joined me. There were pictures of her favourite princesses and Mickey Mouse guys all around store. She made me take notice and then start to wonder what the Disney Magical Moments cards were all about…. and this is where Morrisons have hit the mark. I really like this family promotion.

It harnesses pester power,correctly. tick. It offers 1,000 chances to win a free DisneyLand Paris holiday with gold tickets. tick. It provides Disney cards with childrens favourite characters on them to collect (trump card style). tick. It links the distribution of the ‘free’ Disney cards to specific purchases or amount of shop. tick. It appeals to a wide range of children (and adults). tick. It is happening over the summer holidays, when it normally rains or you go travelling so trump cards have their place. tick. It is Disney related. double tick.

Overall for Morrisons, it brings in the money from the FMCG suppliers who are paying for the promotion to be linked to their products. It increases footfall and sales in store over the summer months (with repeat purchases). It harnesses word of mouth and is good for brand communications, PR and image. It keeps the regular customer and their children happy and 1,000 holidays are to be won. It is linked to Disney.
My daughter received two packs of cards this time (no gold card unfortunately) and she is already wanting more. Plus, I wouldn’t mind winning a holiday, so we will be back and next time I will be looking at the specific items, such as Cravendale milk, that are linked to getting free packs of cards with purchase. I did wonder why the man next to me was buying 11 bags of lettuce (truthfully not just adding this in for effect) and now I know. Well done Morrisons.

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