Heritage brands still mums favourite

We recently asked our mums at MumPanel what brands and toys do they trust the most and it was the heritage brands that won through. Clarks shoes, Fisher Price and Lego were at the top of the list. Many mums had grown up with these brands and continue to trust their ‘knowledge’ and ‘adaptation’.

The best heritage brands are the ones that continue with the classic well loved aspects of their brand but improve it and evolve their product and service to the needs and wants of todays kids and parents. For example, lego’s well loved building brick is now part of a Star Wars kit or Duplo farm set. Building bricks with characters and scene settings that add another dimension to the child’s imaginary world. Clarks still has the trusted fitted shoe but is now online, in Mothercare and has designs that kids want as well as mums.
Brand heritage is an advantage that should be maximised in the right direction.

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