iPad for kids

I was an iPad sceptic at first. ‘Who wants to read lengthy books on a screen’, I thought. I have trouble reading emails on screen without printing them out!

However, the Apple iPad is far more than a reading and reference device, as was always going to be the case. For our household its main purpose is for applications, specifically playing games. Kids application games to be precise!
My 3 year old loves the iPad, she adapted to touch screen technology far quicker than me and plays fun and educational games with such dexterity and ease. Animal matching pairs is one of her favourite games, which incorporates sound as well as picture. She is learning the alphabet, colouring in pictures, creative drawing and playing games where you need to move the iPad to get the jelly to roll. She does everything by touch. When we sit at my laptop together she wants to touch the screen not the keyboard or the mouse. The way forward I presume.
Plus when I talk to other parents and mums with iPads I am hearing the same things, it is the children that use it more than the adults at times! I used to think the iPad was going to be a mid-life male dominated gadget but I now see the massive potential for the younger generation and their parents (and the games,TV and toy brands!).
Childrens games and applications on the iPad are going to be massive, there is an eager young audience out there ready and waiting (and parents ready to please and purchase!). I’ll certainly be one.


  1. know what you mean! My three year old is exactly the same, she knows how to work it better than I do! The main advantage for my daughter is she has an app called "Tap to Talk" and as she cannot speak it is a great way for her to be independant whilst letting us know what she wants or needs. I hope more apps for children with speach and language difficulties will be available soon.

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