School Gate Election?

It has been quoted a number of times that the election will be decided at the school gate?!

Now at my school gate we have recently been talking about Easter eggs, the terrible weather, how our children like growing vegetables but no political utterance in earshot.
Us mums do not talk politics at the school gate. I could hazard a guess at my fellow mummy’s political voting but am certainly not going to talk about the new razzle dazzle all-promising policies with my fellow picker-ups in the 5 minutes that I have at the nursery gate!
In fact, when I get a minute to grab a coffee with one of my mum friends, the topic is not touched. Many of my mum friends may be able to convince me to buy the latest pair of Clarks shoes but they will not change my mind on my political stance.
Deciding what Party I vote for will not be based on whether Gordon Brown likes KitKats or whether David Cameron has problems with his WebChat. Please! I am a mum but my political outlook is wider and more grounded in the bigger picture of the future.

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