Smiggle – the word is spreading

“Have you been? Your two would love it” We know there’s nothing more powerful than parent to parent recommendation, the power of conversation between two people who trust each other (92% trust friends and family recommendation over any other form of advertising). And when that power is combined with a fresh approach to the high … Continued

Spreading the word campaigns

When we talk to clients about spreading the word campaigns we like to be clear about what we’ll achieve by the end of the campaign. Spreading the word is just that, getting a message out there through word of mouth. Because of the advent of the internet and social media that might also now include … Continued

Who do mums listen to? Mum insight

It’s Mothers Day this weekend and I’ll be spending mine with my mum and extended family. My mum is my first port of call when I have a child rearing question (after all she managed to raise 5 children quite successfully). We also share information on products and bargains we’ve spotted in shops but as … Continued

What can MumPanel do for your business?

Who does most of the shopping in your house? Who makes most of the buying decisions? Along with most households in the UK it’s probably mum. What that means is that organisations that want to sell to mums would benefit from the insight those mums could offer them – whether that’s offering their opinion on … Continued