There Is More To Being A Mum – Latest MumPanel Research

We keep hearing it, experiencing and saying it – but it’s something that’s worth repeating. There’s more to being a mum than being a mum. Behind that title of ‘mum’ is an individual, a person who has her own set of wants and needs. She has to balance that with the needs of her family … Continued

Mum Radar – Key Insights For Brands

We’re always listening to mums, asking for their opinions and understanding what matters to them at the moment. So here’s an insight into the latest hot topics and what we’re observing in the mum world. The power of the photograph If you really want to engage with mums on social media then photos are a … Continued

Mums and grocery shopping – trends from The Big Mum Opinion

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing trends we’ve drawn out from our large scale consumer insight report from 3000 UK mums – The Big Mum Opinion. This week we’re talking grocery shopping Mums ‘multi-shop’ for groceries. Over 78% of mums use more than one shop (including online) to buy their grocery shopping in … Continued

New report: The Big Mum Opinion

2013 was a significant year for MumPanel. We decided to undertake one of the biggest, indepth research projects into mums in the UK. We set some tricky targets – speak to 3000 mums, gather a real understanding of where mums will be in 2014 – what they want, what they need, what brands are getting … Continued

5 ways brands can help mums fill lunchboxes

Last week the papers were full of news of schools banning packed lunches. Behind the headlines was the release of a report called The Independent School Food Plan. The plan outlines a number of recommendations to change the eating behaviours of school children in the UK. One of those recommendations is that 70% of school … Continued

First-ever major UK mum study goes back to the school gates

This week has been a very exciting one for MumPanel as we launch The Big Mum Opinion. You can find out more about the study in the press release below. Specialist family insight and marketing consultancy MumPanel, has launched the first in-depth study of UK mums and their views on the products and services that … Continued

What wins on the school run – style or practicality?

I think we can officially say that autumn is here. I’m pretty sure it is because I’ve got soaked on the school run every day for the last week. And as all our team are mums we’ve been sharing insight about what trends we’ve spotted in the playground. We also asked our MumPanel what they … Continued

Is in house research enough?

We approach companies to talk to them about research, innovation and product development. One regular reply we hear is ‘we do all our research and development work in house’. It’s a reasonable response, after all who knows your products, processes and customers better than your company? You probably think in house R&D is easier to … Continued

Spreading the word campaigns

When we talk to clients about spreading the word campaigns we like to be clear about what we’ll achieve by the end of the campaign. Spreading the word is just that, getting a message out there through word of mouth. Because of the advent of the internet and social media that might also now include … Continued

World Book Day

Down the rabbit hole we go… Today is World Book Day. It’s a great way to celebrate and share the joy of reading. It’s also an occasion that has mums chatting about their children’s favourite books and characters. We’ve been watching the chatter over the last few days in the playground and on facebook, observing … Continued