The 5 benefits to mum influencer marketing


The one statistic that hasn’t changed over time is how much mums trust the recommendations of their friends and family – over 75% of mums go to this source for brand and product recommendations.

Influencer Marketing has now become the ‘next big thing’ especially with the rise of ad blocking on social media and the demise of traditional marketing. Which is great – we do that and have been doing it for brands for years with great results.

We call influencer marketing ‘spreading the word’ and it’s most effective when you combine out and about contact with online channels. That’s the way you get your message to the most ears and eyes. But what are the main benefits to spreading the word or influencer marketing?

  1. It’s real so mums trust it
It’s what your consumers really like about a product not what brands tell them they like about it that has resonance and empathy with fellow parents. So harness it. When we run spreading the word campaigns we don’t tell mums what to say, it’s the mums authentic voice.
  2. It’s a way to reach the unreachable
Mums are increasingly savvy (and very busy) so either intentionally or unintentionally filter brand messaging. But a verbal recommendation from their hairdressers or a fellow mum’s facebook post will grab their attention.
  3. It’s got staying power
Once mums start recommending, they don’t stop. If they like and believe in a product they’ll be long term natural ambassadors and keep influencing others around them.
  4. It’s a way to really get to know mums
You’ll get to hear first hand what mums really like about your product or service (and what could be improved). You won’t have to base your strategy on what you think mums want. And mums will feel part of your brand family by being included, listened to and appreciated.
  5. It’s a great way to increase trial and sales
If mums are recommending that means they are trying. And telling others to try and buy your products.

If you’d like to talk to us about spreading the word campaigns to really connect to your audience we’d be happy to provide you with ideas and options.