Reaching the unreachables


As part of a project I have been working on we witnessed a ‘millennial’ upload 6 YouTube videos in quick succession. At first I was confused as to why this was happening, but it quickly became clear when they returned to the first video to watch the clip – minus the ads.  The closest I get to this is hovering my cursor over the position I hope the ‘Skip Ad’ feature will appear.

Whilst a huge focus is on Millennials (and generations younger than them) becoming unreachable – a poll by the McCarthy group states 84% of Millennials do not like advertising, it is clear that other audiences are catching up. We’ve all been in the car and flicked over the radio channel when a voice comes on shouting about a double glazing sale and remember the joy when you realise you can skip the ads in your pre-recorded episode of Emmerdale.

Outside the traditional media framework we are also seeing a huge increase (admittedly from a low base) of people uploading ad-blocking software, to circumnavigate online advertising. Although a recent report from KPMG finds that 44% of UK adults are planning to block ads within the next six months.

This is a serious shift in behavior and raises many interesting questions for brands. How can brands make advertising that connects more?  Think Warburtons and The Muppets or the ‘epic’ Money Supermarket, these are shared on social media and parodied.

We believe to truly reach the Unreachables the answer lies in influencer marketing. A marketing technique that predates social media, but is further advanced by its platforms. Word of mouth marketing is more trusted and therefore much more sticky.

This is not just a world for brands who want to turn on the ‘hard to reach’ millennials, it’s also a world for brands who want to reach other consumers who are turning away from traditional advertising and brands who want deeper and more meaningful relationships with real people. We’ve helped leisure providers, food brands, retailers and media players to move away from flogging stuff and start facilitating conversations.