Countdown to Normality



Now a road out of lockdown has been provided we wanted to know what our families were planning, what ‘new’ behaviours they intended to carry on and which activities they can’t wait to get back too.

1. Cautious Optimism

A 1/5 have made plans to meet friends and already booked holidays, however, the majority of families and being optimistically cautious – waiting a little longer to make firm social plans.

2. Outdoor Living

Lots of families are telling us that they expect to be mainly in the garden this year, so are sprucing it up, kitting it out and looking forward to BBQ’s, paddling pools (& hot tubs!).

3. Missed Celebrations

Many families have had to put celebrations last year on hold, whether a big family birthday or celebrating achievements and are looking forward to getting together with friends and family again.

4. New way of doing things

For some Lockdown has changed their habits for good, some taking up new hobbies and other changing they way they purchase – the top changes here to stay for families are:

Walking – getting outdoors
Online grocery shopping
Working from home
Family together time – movie nights being a favourite
5. Hankering for normality

But there is a good number of families who don’t want to keep any habits from Lockdown; they can’t wait to to ditch the Zoom calls and are craving life as it was. They may be cautious and are following the rules but they are on a countdown to as much pre-Covid normality as possible (even ferrying the kids to their activities).