Sustainability Matters


We talked to our base of everyday shoppers about their views and purchase behaviours regarding sustainability and recycling.

They are reacting positively to brands sustainability credentials with 2/3’s of shoppers saying it is influencing their purchase decisions.

‘If there is a choice between two products and one is sustainably packaged, or able to be recycled, I will choose that one’

Digging deeper reveals…

But it’s not just the sustainability outcomes for the planet that influences shoppers but the practical – their bins!

They want less unnecessary packaging

‘If something is encased in unnecessary plastic I tend not to buy it. Some things have to have plastic packaging, but some things don’t.’

‘Unnecessary packaging takes up too much room in my recycle bin – toys are the worst at Christmas – less packaging please.’

They want easy recycling  – or as some called it, ‘more blue bin recycling’.

‘I avoid Tetra Pak products where possible as they are not widely recyclable.’

‘I sometimes struggle to know what products I can recycle in my bins, what I have to drop off at other recycling bins and what I can’t recycle. Sometimes it’s easier to just put in the normal bin!’

So although shoppers are being more mindful of the planet, the ease, straight forwardness and practical outcomes are also drivers.